Imagine no hunger

(Norristown, PA). In Montgomery County, over 80,000 people — 10 percent of its population — are affected by food insecurity, despite it being the second-wealthiest county in Pennsylvania.

Putting a human face to issues of poverty and homelessness is an exhibit titled: “Imagine No Hunger.” Originally staged at the Theatre Horizon, the photo exhibit is a collage of images of those most vulnerable in the Norristown area and highlights the work of several Norristown food pantries and shelters. This 130+ piece exhibit is a collaboration between Theatre Horizon, Cabrini University and Linda Panetta, a photojournalist, activist and professor at the University, as well as several of her students.

Featured in the exhibit is Mrs. Davis: “The worst thing about being homeless isn’t living in a shelter, it’s going to bed at night and not being able to lay next to the man who has been the love of my life for more than 40 years.”

In an effort to break down stereotypes about those experiencing homelessness, project organizers visited food pantries, shelters, and spent time on the streets of Norristown photographing individuals and hearing their stories. This exhibit attempts to bring awareness to hunger, poverty and the work local organizations are doing. It also highlights the hopes and struggles, hardship and determination of those most vulnerable in the Norristown region.

“We made the decision not to exclude anyone we photographed knowing that most of the people would, at some point, visit the theater to see their portrait and statements.” – Keith Brown (Cabrini University, Class ‘17).

Collaborators include: Optical Realities Photography, OR Indie Arts Initiative, Cabrini University, Theatre Horizon, "Generocity”, Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center (CHOC), Norristown Hospitality Center, Calvary Baptist Soup Kitchen, and Norristown Recovery Learning Center. Imagine No Hunger was made possible by a grant from the Leo and Peggy Pierce Foundation