Linda Panetta

Photojournalist, videographer, visual storyteller, educator

I began my college education with only the vaguest of ideas of what I wanted to do with my life. Four years later I graduated with a goal of uncovering the truth about victims of war, poverty, and injustice throughout the world.

Shortly after college I landed in the war zones of Guatemala and Nicaragua; for over 30 years I have worked in some of the world’s most volatile regions, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Colombia...

Jump forward to present day... when I'm not hiking with my rescued Akita mix I work as a freelance photographer and videographer, frequently partnering with the USA National Field Hockey team. My passion for teaching and empowering the next generation culminated with a teaching position at Cabrini University (2010-Present). I enjoy shooting live events, including dance performances (ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap) and continue to collaborate with and photograph some of the music industry’s top performers. Other genres that I cover include special events, sports, nature, portraits and much more. I also remain committed to offering a generous amount of time towards my nonprofit Indie Arts Initiative as well as supporting other nonprofit organizations.

My 30+ years of documentary work has focused on cultural, environmental and human rights and includes an award-winning film “An Insider Speaks Out!” highlighting decades of money laundering, drug trafficking and human rights abuses throughout Latin America.

Many of my photos have been widely published in books, newspapers and magazines and featured in numerous documentaries.

Through my nonprofit Optical Realities Indie Arts Initiative I continue to pursue similar goals with a US-based focus on youth and adult homeless advocacy and awareness.