2022 NCAA Field Hockey Championship

A MOMENT IN TIME... A Future Defined

shares the early years of the inception of field hockey in America. Constance Applebee (1873-1981), better known as "the Apple", came to the US to study at Harvard University. Applebee is largely credited with introducing and spreading the game of field hockey throughout the United States. 

In 1904 the Apple was hired as full-time athletic director at Bryn Mawr College were she remained for nearly 25 years. Under her direction, the college's athletic program became a model for the rest of the country. Applebee once commented to Bryn Mawr president M. Carey Thomas: “You want all these students to go out and do something in the world, to get the vote. What's the good of their having the vote if they're too ill to use it?"  The Apple fought hard for women's rights, and pushed the women who played for her even harder.

Constance Applebee was a co-founder of the American Field Hockey Association which was formed in Philadelphia in 1922, she served as its head for 20 years. 

Video & poem: Linda Panetta

Narration: Liz Tchou

Music: Infraction

2021 NCAA Field Hockey Reel

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