Collateral Damage - Linda Panetta / Optical Realities
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Without warning the can began to rattle and smoke. Unwittingly, Nabile had caused the bomblet to activate. Unaware of its deadly contents, Nabile threw it into the air-in the direction of Nasrullah. The canister detonated, sending shrapnel in all directions, tearing flesh from the bodies of the two young boys.

Nasrullah’s wounds were nearly fatal; so severe, in fact, that doctors wanted to amputate his two legs as well as an arm. Thankfully, a German soldier was able to arrange to have him flown to Germany for special treatment and surgery. Eight months later, Nasrullah returned home to his family. His legs and arm were retained, but the physical struggles remained persistent as even walking is, at times, painful.

When asked what his life was like before the explosion, he promptly and responds, “Perfect!”

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