Optical Realities in a nonprofit organization founded by photojournalist and human rights activist, Linda Panetta. Optical Realities uses educational outreach, including exhibits and speaking tours, to raise awareness about human rights, the environment, and socio-economic issues in the U.S. and war-torn regions of the world. Our goal is to build bridges to and solidarity with the global community...To learn more Click Here.

"Over the years I've been privileged to meet a number of impressive people; people who have committed their time and energies to making life in the world better for us all. No one fits this description better than Linda Panetta, who aside from being utterly dedicated to the cause of Human Rights, is a gifted photographer, and a totally cool human being to boot. In our travels together in Iraq and Latin America, I've been repeatedly struck by her determination and courage. My experience of those trips has been made richer by her presence and example.” - Musician, Bruce Cockburn

“Linda does so much more than ‘take pictures.’ Her camera connects with the subjects in a personal way. She doesn't just photograph faces; Linda somehow reaches into souls. She takes the pain and fear, the joy and tragedy, the sadness and sense of wonder - whatever her subjects are experiencing - and she somehow captures it in the photograph. Linda's work allows one, perhaps forces one, to establish a link with the photograph, and they suddenly become treasures. Thanks to Linda Panetta, I am rich beyond measure with "treasures" from around the world.” - Bishop Thomas Gumbleton
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